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Facts!!! How Good Having : Smoking

Passive Smoking Carries No Risk At All
Passive Smoking Carries No Risk At All?

Did you know that there is recent research stating that Second Hand Smoke a.k.a passive smoking carries no risk at all? :)

The first time passive smoking was addressed and publicly identified as a health threat was in 1972. This led directly to the anti-smoking movement.

This issue wasaddressedagain in subsequent U.S. Surgeon GeneralReport’sin 1979, 1982, and 1984.

A 1986 Surgeon General’s Report concluded that passive smoking causes lung cancer. But it offered only weak epidemiological evidence to support the claim. In 1989 the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) was charged with further evaluating the evidence for effects on health.

In 1992  the EPA published a report, “Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking,” claiming that passive smoking is a serious public health problem. They alleged that passive smoking kills approximately 3,000 nonsmoking Americans each year from lung cancer. This report has been used by the tobacco-control movement and government agencies, including public health departments, to justify this and put thousands of indoor smoking bans in public places.

However, the EPA’s 1992 report was not supported by reliable scientific evidence. The report has been largely discredited and, in 1998, was legally vacated by a US federal judge.
For its 1992 report, the EPA arbitrarily chose to equate passive smokers with active smokers. One of the assumptions was that because there is an association between active smoking and lung cancer, there also must be a similar association between passive smoking and lung cancer.

But the problem posed by passive smoking is entirely different from that of active smoking. A toxicological principle: “The dose makes the poison.”

In a study it was argued that those who were not active smokers, when placed next to active smokers, their greatest exposure to inhaling second hand smoke was the equivalent of one cigarette per day (around 0.03%) or the equivalent to smoking around 10 cigarettes per year.

EPA Studies rejected

In November 1995 after a 20-month study, the Congressional Research Service released a detailed analysis of the EPA report that was highly critical of EPA’s methods and conclusions. In 1998, in a devastating 92-page opinion, Federal Judge William Osteen vacated the EPA study, declaring it null and void. He found a culture of arrogance, deception, and cover-up at the agency.

In 2003 a definitive paper on passive smoking and lung cancer mortality was published in the British Medical Journal. It is the largest and most detailed study ever reported. The authors studied more than 35,000 California never-smokers over a 39-year period and found no statistically significant association between exposure to passive smoking and lung cancer mortality.

Millions of dollars have been spent promoting belief this as a killer, and it has been proven it is not true. Unfortunately this is not disseminated because people are afraid to accept the truth. Indeed, we have to admit that smoking in front of people who don’t smoke is really disturbing because it would take away their right to smoke-free clean air. Most tragically, all of the research and controversy wasted millions of dollars. Imagine how much good those millions would have done if it had been invested in finding the true cause of lung cancer in non smokers.

On a final note; nothing that I write here is forever. Research is always evolving, always changing and always new information is discovered. What I have presented here is merely the most recent and it hasn’t become well known to the public. This is why I write this.
Keep an open mind to new things.


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