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I don’t just love to eat. I loooove to EAT

I am an entertainer. Therefore my body is my business. I must maintain it at all cost. Consequently, I forced myself, like other people to suffer through a rigorous diet regimen and I consumed diet supplements designed to do nothing more than to throw off body water only to be replaced with fat. After years of this, I was tired. Now, everything has changed. I can eat my favorite foods, I exercise energetically and I have 8 pack abs at the age of almost 40. My tissue cells look like that of a 28 year old.

Yes, I’m getting younger. How?

Let me tell you a little story.

5 years ago I took a trip to Hong Kong to obtain an instructor’s certificate for martial arts and I spent almost a week in a rented car with chauffer. On my third day I discovered to my amazement that the chauffer was 70 years old, yet he had the face and the body of a 40 year old. When I looked at him I thought to myself that it was impossible!

So I asked him. 

How did you achieve this?

This 70 year old man shared with me a secret; a secret that was so unbelievable it had me fascinated. He turned out to be an ex Shaolin Monk from mainland China. For the next four days he held me riveted to my car seat while he described his life to me.

After I returned to Indonesia, what he explained to me vanished from my mind and I went back to my old diet style with the same stupid methods for controlling my weight. Taking on a new type of diet in my mind was risky. As an actor and entertainer I cannot afford to put on kilograms of weight experimenting with a new thing. I put it off until the last three months. (It’s August of 2013 as of this writing.)

Then came the day when I had to fill in a part for a TV program . . . and I had to take my shirt off. This got me stressed. My body . . . It doesn’t look very good.

In my desperation, I recalled what the chauffer had told me. I sat down and examined it. For a month I researched the library, searched the internet looking for explanations that made logical sense. After a month I came to the conclusion that what he had told me was true and well worth the risk. If it didn’t work? Oh, well, it’s only a career, right?

I went to work on it right away. The results are in. Here I am with 8-pack abs and I’m growing younger and stronger! My muscles are larger!

Do you know that diet supplements the world over are a 20 billion Dollar (USD) industry. Almost everybody I know has purchased a diet supplement of one kind or another and failed. If you check the instructions on all these diet supplements you will find the phrase:

"Must be accompanied with exercise and food intake regimen.” Well, if we still have to exercise and diet, what is the supplement for??



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