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There are no rights or wrongs in diet theory. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. OCD is a theory Andreas Deodatus Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo (a.k.a Deddy Corbuzier) have used and practiced on my own before Him went public with it and discovered that it was compatible with Him self.

No diet theories guarantee the user that they will gain their maximum result because everything depends on understanding, hard work and the self discipline of the user to manage their own genetic tendencies.

The information contained in this book is for educational purposes only. The content is based on my private experience and interpretation of the available research. This is not intended to be medical advice. Him not a doctor and Him not responsible or liable for any negative effects resulting in following the plans outlined in this text.

Information in this book is intended only for healthy adults. Consult with your doctor to make sure it is suitable for you. Remember, that with nutrition consumption everybody is different, depending on the age, gender, health condition and overall diet.

If you have health problems, consult with your doctor. Always consult with your doctor before starting and making changes to your diet or engage in any strenuous exercise.


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