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As it turns out I was not alone in my analysis.

In a study published by International Journal of Obesity with title

“Diet discipline and Success in lost weight among obese women”

Guess what they found?

Only one out of 12 people who follow diet in one full year successfully lost 40 kilograms.  The rest admitted that they didn’t follow the diet.

100% of the people want to have beautiful body but 90% of them are too lazy to follow it because it’s too complicated and boring.
More complicated = the possibility to success is low
Lesscomplicated = the possibility for success is higher
Is not this happening in all areas?

And according to me there are 2 truly complicated diet rules:
  1. Count the caloric intake.
  2. Eat only “healthy” (tasteless) low calorie food.
As time progresses, these people become more and more lazy as they look at the long period of time required to significantly reduce their body weight.


Ade Ray is an incredible person and I am very impressed with him regardless of what other bodybuilders say against him. His lifestyle is very healthy and can be a tremendous inspiration benchmark to all people. He has extraordinarilyhealthy diet as well as remarkable exercise patterns.

The problem we have is us. It isn’t Ade Ray. Maybe we won’t become like Ade Ray, at least, that’s not what I wanted. He is an amazing person and I really appreciate him as a friend, but being that big and muscular certainly isn’t my dream.

But not everybody is Ade Ray. Not everybody can stay long in his dietary program of brown rice and chicken breast every day, combined with various supplements. I certainly can’t. At best I can do that for 1 or 2 weeks eating the food that he eats. I’m sorry, I’m not that perfect. GOD I LOVE FOOD! And, maybe it’s not healthy food but I LOVE TASTY FOOD Just like everybody else.

For Ade or any other bodybuilder, they can follow their various programs because their whole lives are tied up in it. They wake up to it; they go to sleep by it. It’s all they do. It’s all they think about. Their whole world revolves around it. I don’t know how they earn their living income.  Only a select few become successful bodybuilders.

Remember also, that some of these “successful” bodybuilders cheat through the use of steroids.

For the average person, this type of diet and exercise plan is impossible to follow. This is why we stop.


What if I told you that there is an alternative way that can change all of this.



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