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Facts!!! How Good Having : Controversy

cholesterol doesn’t kill it sparked
This is going to cause some extraordinary controversy.

Some doctors are not going to like this. When I entered a tweet in twitter .com and declared that cholesterol doesn’t kill it sparked a war of words with a doctor who was one of my followers. He claimed I was incorrect, misguiding people and declared that there was no evidence whatsoever to support my assertion. He demanded that I verify and provide evidence for my allegations. That night I provided the research on my website along with video footage. Eventually, he went silent. I think it likely that he was in shock because he had never heard of or seen any such new research.

This is regrettable because the medical practice should keep up to date with what is happening in the field of medical research so that doctors can provide their patients with alternate treatments that could prove beneficial. Things like this can cause future problems too. Not all doctors are going to be silent on the matter and others will not want to learn new things for the simple reason that they are too busy to attend to it. It’s up to us ordinary folks to find our answers and seek out alternative methods of treatment that can be supported by research so that we don’t accidentally embrace quack alternatives. We’re the ones who are sick and have more to lose if we are not careful.

A word of caution; Placing your faith in one thing without keeping an open mind is like children believing in Santa Clause. Even though the goal and intentions of the parents is noble, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. There are many things in this world we can learn if we are daring enough to open our eyes and ears to discover, to listen but we should never silently accept things without question. Open mindedness is a good thing, but don’t be so open that you become like a waste basket where everything that is thrown at you is accepted.

Sometimes a case is made to look good but without clear empirical evidence.

Before I finish this book, I want to tickle you one more time.


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