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OCD Official Quick Guide

Diet Quick Guide
This is OCD :
  1. No breakfast (minimal 3-4 hours after waking up) the reason was explained in the eBook
  2. Eat 8/6/4 hours a day (outside those hours only drink plain water or tea without sugar) with this you can raise your HGH level.
  3. If you are accustomed to a 4 hour eating pattern please try a 24 hour fast/eat once a day at a maximum of 3 times a week.
  4. Eat what you normally eat before you begin the OCD program
  5. Exercise with weight lifting not cardio, fat burning will be maximized after 2 days in a row of weight lifting if you are fasting.
  6. Fasting over 16 hours/day increases your HGH hormone by 1300%-2000% which is beneficial for restoring all the functions in your body with maximum fat burning
  7. Complete information about OCD is in the eBook which you can download at www.readyforfit.com please read before you implement OCD

Thank you...
Deddy Corbuzier


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