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Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet : Introduce


Although some will say that OCD will become a trend that will disappear like most diets do. Others will say that we have to watch and see if this diet plan will survive into the future or just be a temporary fad.
But honestly; ask yourself this question. Has anyone of youever managed to withstand any diet you have tried for any length of time? At most, maybe only 10% from all of us have had the kind of success we wanted. It’s basically a choice.

Can you endure eating brown rice with chicken breast or egg white everyday for any significant amount of time? Only you can answer that. For me it’s the best and easiest way.
So again, it’s a matter of a choice my friend.


In the first week of publication, 2 million copies of this eBook had been downloaded.

Within that first week, many suppliers of supplement products contacted me to discuss the “contradictions” contained in the book.

Within a week, thousands, EVEN A MILLION people were experiencing changes in their body shape.


According to a survey done by record holder republic, OCD has performed for more than 4 million people within a period of 3 weeks. Even many artists have been successful and happy with OCD because finally they can eat delicious food again and maintain their body shape!! That’s how good OCD is.

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This is Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet

THIS IS Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet

In a nutshell, OCD is fasting.

. . . While continuing to eat and drink.

WHAT?!? (You say)

Don’t shy away when you hear the word “fasting.”This fasting enables you to eat any time and eat whatever you want.


“Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.” – Hippocrates


“Instead of using medicine, rather fast a day.” – Plutarch

Do you know why almost all religion teaches their followers to fast?

Yeah, besides the religious need?

That was the first question to me by the taxi driver.

Apart from that question, this is what I found on my search.

The roots of this type of diet may have existed before human life originated.

In Buddhism,this is known as the Theravada tradition.

This is the tradition of Theravada monks:

Abstain from taking food at a specific time.

This means that when following the tradition of Theravada monks, the rules are that on a specific day, the monks do not eat from noon to sunrise in the next day.

Fasting in the monastic community is regarded as an ascetic practice, a “dhutanga”.

Dhutanga, translated means “patience and meditation training.”Dhutanga is a specific list of rules for engaging in meditation.

One of them reads:

One-sessioner’s practice (ekasanik’anga) – eating one meal a day and refusing other food offered before midday. (Those Gone Forth may not, unless ill, partake of food from midday until dawn the next day). Eat once a day at noon.

Let’s take it another step forward. In Islam, FASTING is done in the Holy Ramadan month, and one form of fasting known as:


David fasting is the most popular fasting to date. This fasting is special because if you study history you will know that the Prophet David was not only a prophet, but also a soldier, king and a leading war expert. The Prophet David is a famous prophet who beat an enemy of the Philistines named Goliath.

According to his understanding, David’s fasting can be interpreted as sunnah fasting which is done by fasting for a day, then breaking it in a day. This fasting is the most Afdhalsunnah fasting and there is no otherafdhal fasting besides that.

This fasting is done continuously on an ongoing basis and only bounded by one day pause. So, one day one fasts and the next day not, and so on.

In a hadith, the Prophet Muhammad said, “Then you fastfor a day and break the fast a day, this is (called) David fasting. And this is the most afdhal fasting. Then I (Abdullah bin Amrura) said: “Truly I was able to fast more that that”, then the Prophet SAW said: “There is no fasting more afdhal than that.” (HR Bukhari)

And in America this is known as Eat Stop Eat.


What you will learn from my book is not new, but has been proven for a long time.

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Scientific Fact About OCD

SCIENTIFIC FACT ABOUT Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet

Approximately 3-4 hours after we eat, we enter what is known as postabsorbtive condition, where insulin starts to drop.

This is where the energy used by the body starts to come into internal sources in body.

The liver is the major source of stored glycogen through glycogenolysis (remember, the main source is not from muscle, but fat unless they are involved in hard activity or once your fat levels fall below 7%).

Also with insulin falling (and a drop in blood sugar) comes an increase in lipolysis(the release of fat for use as energy) and gluconeogensis(converting the sources of non-carbohydrates such as glycerol and amino acidsto glucose).

The level of lipolytic hormones such as glucagon, HGH (growth hormone) and catecholamines would increase (alsothe body's sensitivity to them) which allows more fat to be released when doing OCD.

The longer people go without food (low state of insulin / lowered blood sugar), the more this process is increased.

A perfect example is when we go to bed and sleep without eating at night. Most of the time our heart works to supply blood to our brain (glucose hog) with the process of burning glycogen and fat.

This situation will continue to occur up to 3 days without eating and then if it is continued, it will, bit by bit, damage the body.But when it is limited to a maximum time of 48 hours then the benefitsyou'll get can be incredible.

In short, fasting for a short time (a state without food)can cause the body to burn fat much faster.

This short term fasting increaseslipolysis. (the process of releasing fat.) This is done by lowering insulin and increasing lipolytic hormones (such as glucagon, growth hormone and catecholamines).

Fat cells get a strong message to open their doors for burning.

Not everyone agrees with this ..why?

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Nutrition Expert Protest


Unfortunately, many people will start complaining at this time without readingfurther ..
Usually they (especially bodybuilders and nutritionists) will begin to make statements such as the following:
  1. If you are fasting then you will deplete muscle tissue (muscle will be lost)
  2. If you are fasting then you will damage and decrease your metabolism
  3. If you are fasting then you will be lacking in protein intake and so on.
  4. We have to eat small portions 6 times a day to maintain metabolismand build muscle
  5. Protein intake should be plentiful and done immediately or your muscle will not develop.
My question is…

Where did you get a theory like this? Reading? Googling? Or gossip?

Did you know that the contemporary caricature of Santa Clause was first created by the 18th and 19th century writers Washington Irving, Clement Clarke Moore, historian John Pintard and illustrator Thomas Nast? Probably not!

Same with this.How can you know? Most of it comes from casual conversation. Many will assert that:



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Take A Look At This Theory part1


Not eating at all is different from fasting

Research in fact has demonstrated that with up to 72 hours of fasting, the metabolism will not slow down. (Macdonald IA, Webber J, 1995), and instead it slightly improves the metabolism. Yes! That’s what I said! It will increase! (It is after the 72-hour period that will cause it to decrease).

This means that short-term fasting by its self will not lower your metabolism. As long as you do not fast without eating at all for a long period of time you will be fine and it will increase your metabolism.

It is true that in the long run, there is a higher risk for loss of muscle mass, but if fasting is done correctly and not for an extended period of time you will not lose muscle tissue. Your body’s tendency in fact is to maintain and retain muscle. There are several different hormonal signals that cause you retain muscle and increase your metabolism.

Growth hormone (GH) is one of the hormones involved in lipolysis that increases with fasting. HGH has a "muscle saving" property as well and most of the studies demonstrated that through fasting, people do not lose muscle mass in an environment of elevated HGH.

In one study (Norrelund H et al, 2001) a test group underwent 40 hoursin a state of starving by eating a low calorie diet /nutrition demonstrated that their bodies began to deteriorate and decline in health.

You can starve by eating 6 times a day if your calorie intake is too low.

(Try eating only one or two crackers every 2 hours 6 times a day. Hungry, are you not?)It has nothing to do with the frequency of your meals, justthe total calories you take in for longer periods of time (in terms of days, or weeks).

So if you miss a few hours between meals, it’s still scary when you think you will be sick if you don’t eat, or think that because you are unhealthy orjust because of mental pressure you cannot resist eating?

Your metabolism will drop and then you’ll get even fatter! This is another fear.

And let’s not forget the myth that says eating more frequently will speed up your metabolism.

It's about the total calorie intake, and how long you go without food, not meal frequency.EATING IS EATING. THE IMPORTANT THING IS THE NUMBER OF CALORIES YOU CONSUME, NOT WHEN YOU EAT OR WHAT YOU EAT! (I don’t get into the debate about eating healthy or not. It’s the amount of calories that’s important.)

Simply,calories are calories, regardless of their form they are still just calories. If you eat30 pieces of apple the calories are higher than the calories in fried rice with egg.

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Take A Look At This Theory part2


"But theysay thatwhen you fast you will lose MUSCLE!"

Do you really think your body's internal survival mechanism is so stupid that it will take only your muscle tissue directly and not defend it?

Let me ask you…

If your right hand is broken and in a cast and your left hand is normal, and you eat the same food every day for a month and after a month, what happens? You cut the plaster off of your hand and what do you discover? What happens?

Which hand will lose muscle mass? Right hand or left?

Yes! Your right hand with CAST will shrink, right? That means whatever youeat it will remain smaller because there is no external stimulussuch as motion or exercise! Our body is smart.

"Some nutritionists claim that the levels of your testosterone maybe decreased during fasting.”

Testosterone is very important for the growth of muscle in the human body both for men and for women. In women thelevel issmallerso women should not be afraid ofgaining large amounts of muscle like men do when they are lifting weights.But is it true that when fasting these levels will decrease?

Many athletes resort to using testosterone injections to build muscle mass and reduce fat. Consequently it is believed that fasting can reduce testosterone levels. In fact, testosterone will increase 20% - 30% in the morning when people wake up. This means that the levels increase not when we eat butwhile we sleep. The level of testosterone has long been observed to have little if no connection with dieting. When a personreducescaloric intake by 15% it has been shown not to interfere with testosterone at all in healthy humans. Other studies say that rising levels of fat are associated with decreased testosterone levels or that higher levels of fat can possibly reduce testosterone levels. This is frequently interpreted to mean that if we reduce fat, we can raise our testosterone levels.

In a study of obese people who are dieting using reduced caloric intake it was shown that they exhibited lower testosterone levels than people who eat normally. This research was not accompanied with exercise. So what happens is simply the process of starvation. Starvation process is different from the concept of fasting. Remember, that fasting is never intended to starve a person because starvation is a system designed to reduce the intake of calories.

It is true that testosterone levels will decrease slightly when a person fasts for 58 to 84 hours, but is only slightly reduced and is considered still within normal levels. It will not make significant change if you do not fast more than 9 full days without incoming caloric intake.

It has been proven that fasting for a short time does not have a negative effect on testosterone levels.

“Eating 6 times a day with a fewcalories is better than 1 or 2 times with a large intake of calories.”

You've no doubt heard it from multiple sources that if you eat 6 times a day it is better for burning calories, provides adequate protein and also preserves muscle mass. Most of this theory says that if we eat 6 timesa day with smaller quantities of calories, the metabolism and energy expenditure will be improved. Actually, if we want to investigate further, this idea possibly originated from the hypothesis of a man named J. V. Neel.

In his research called The Thrifty Genotype, this study has been interpreted anddeveloped by many researchers and is also often misunderstood. This hypothesis states that humans have a survival mechanism that stores fat to be used in an emergency. From this study, manyconcluded that with small but frequent intake of calories, 6 times, then energy consumption will be improved, because whenpeople do not feel hungry then the fat will not be stored and will be burned instead. (Survival Systems do not feel the need foremergency backupfat because the intake is always good) According to me this is wrong! Survival is survival. Whatevernumber of meals you eat,whenever you eat, and as often as you eat, your bodywill still store fat for an emergency

People with a weekly pay day will still have the same savings as people who receive their pay on a monthly basis if they make the effort to save their money. Our bodies will keep storing fat for emergencies and do not care about the amount, the time or the frequency. The fat reserves will be used when the humans reallyneed it. Have you ever heard stories of people stranded at sea without food, and yet they lived?That and other events when food becomes scarce is when food reserves in the form of fat are used. It is in these types of events when human survival depends on the amount of fat in there is in reserve.

I ask you, what with the current state of your life in acitywhere food is everywhere and food intake is 6 times a day, where is the state of stress that causes your body to use up its reserves of fat? It isn’t there! In the mean time your body continues to save up fat for an emergency. Fasting on the other hand simulates the state of stress. From this we can draw the conclusion that eating 6 times a day will only make your bodystore fat continually whileanticipating the emergency where it will be needed.

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Right Kind of Fasting



Go without food for several hours will NOT slow down your metabolism! It will not cause havoc your blood sugar. Short term fasting will improve insulin sensitivity and this is a huge advantage. When your cells are sensitive to insulin, they do a better job working with your pancreas. Loss of insulin sensitivity creates a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and obesity as well!

Short Fasting also reduces oxidative stress and inflammation of the cells. It helps in the repair of DNA damage that can develop into cancer. In fact research shows that fasting slows down our aging clock. Fasting can help us live longer and help to keep our organs youthful.

This is from Wikipedia:

Extended fasting has been recommended as therapy for various conditions by health professionals of most cultures, throughout history, from ancient to modern.

Research suggests there are major health benefits to caloric restriction. Benefits include reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance, immune disorders and more generally, the slowing of the aging process, and the potential to increase maximum life span. Besides these health benefits, research by Valter Longo has also uncovered a potential link between fasting and improved efficacy of chemotherapy.


As you can see this is true from ancient times. But we never realize why, what or how to manipulate this fasting method to give us more of the results we need for our body.

Did you know that Plato and Aristotle said that to stop eating for short periods of time, i.e. fasting is a drug for any disease including cancer?

Human Trial(s)

In 2009 there was a case study that delivered some promising results. Ten cancer patients – four with breast cancer, two with prostate cancer, one each with ovarian, lung, uterine, and esophageal cancers – underwent fasting prior to and after chemotherapy treatment. Fasting times ranged from 48-140 hours prior to and 5-56 hours after; all were effective at reducing side effects of chemotherapy.

In the first case, a 51-year old woman with breast cancer did her first round of chemotherapy in a fasting state for 140 hours. Other than dry mouth, fatigue, and hiccups, she felt well enough to go to work andresume her normal daily activities. For the subsequent two rounds, she did not fast and instead ate hernormal diet, and the side effects were extremely pronounced – severe fatigue, diarrhea, weakness,abdominal pain, nausea – and they prevented her from returning to work. For her fourthround of chemotherapy,she fasted, and the side effects were again minimized. And it wasn’t just the subjective effects that improvedwith fasting, but also her physiological markers. Total white blood cell, absolute neutrophil counts, andplatelet counts were all highest after the fasting regimens.

The point is fasting is a good thing when done properly and right. Is it no wonder that almost all religions teach it?

The question is how does this OCD fast work, where you can still eat delicious food,eat at any hour you want and eat what you wantbut you are still fasting and can have your dream body?

This is the real secret of the monk's fasting; or better yet, any Fasting!

Sometimes an ancient message can be easily forgotten.

Then again how can you fast, where you can eat delicious food, eat what you want, at any time, anywhere?

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