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Facts!!! How Good Having : Effects


People between the age of 40 to 45 are 50 percent more likely to develop Alzheimer’s with high cholesterol than with low cholesterol.

That sounds pretty scary right?

This is an interesting statement from Robert Scott Bell D.A.Hom:

“For several generations we have grown to accept the “fact” that bad cholesterol or LDL should remain low no matter how much it costs. It doesn’t seem matter that it is important for the health of your brain and nervous systems function. As long as the drug companies can keep us in fear of fat they will have us as loyal customers for as long as we live.”

The research says that high cholesterol levels in your middle age will cause Alzheimer’s when you reach old age. Why? Let’s think carefully about this. What happens to most adults diagnosed with “high” cholesterol in their middle age? They’re doctors prescribe statin drugs to lower their cholesterol levels.

What happens if you are forced to reduce the availability of cholesterol for your body? The endocrine functions will suffer. Your liver functions will slow down. Your brain and neural system is degraded. In other words, statin drugs are what actually trigger brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

So it is clear that what makes you suffer from ALZHEIMER’S, are cholesterol drugs such as Lipitor. Keep in mind that the profits from Lipitor are in excess of 30 million USD per year.
So, if you want to be senile, by all means, take it.


“Cholesterol is a friend that can make us healthier and help us to stay young. The reality is that a world drug syndicate is actually taking advantage of us.” -Robert Scott

Dr. Bob DeMaria (The drugless doctor) said that the most evil drugs that are sold freely and most profitable for pharmacy is statin, such as Lipitor.

This causes liver damage, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and so many other diseases.

Do you want to reduce your cholesterol level? Eat a juicy red apple once a day. That’s it. But remember cholesterol is not what causes you to have a heart attack and die.


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