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Facts!!! How Good Having : Phenomenon 2

The phenomenon of food without cholesterol
The phenomenon of food without cholesterol 2

So the causes of death by heart attack are:
  • Oxidation such as smoking etc
  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Sugar and carbohydrates

Here is something strange. Cholesterol in our body is used to fight toxins, and that’s why it is discovered in the arteries involved with inflammation. Blaming cholesterol as the killer is a lot like blaming a firefighter for burning your house down.

EXCESSIVELY low cholesterol is very dangerous!

Cholesterol is a source of vitamin D, sex hormones and are vehicles that deliver toxin fighters.

The latest research says that lower cholesterol levels can cause death from cancer, suicide and accidents.


You need cholesterol to repair cells in your brain. If your cholesterol level is lower than 160 it can cause depression. And what happens sometimes to people when they get depressed? Think about that.

Therefore, the cholesterol lowering drugs can be dangerous. In his book “The Great Cholesterol Myth” Dr. Johnny Bowden said that drugs such as Lipitor is a “memory thief” that causes depression and memory loss.

Cholesterol is also used to help fight infections in our bodies. When we have an infection the total cholesterol level goes up, but your HDL will go down because it’s being used to fight off the infection. When we are fasting we are detoxifying our bodies and this is why our HDL level decreases.

Remember again that LDL or bad cholesterol (which we think is evil) is divided into 2 types, lipo a and lipo b…unfortunately the doctor usually didn’t care and doesn’t ask you to check which one is higher and directly gives you drug to lower your cholesterol level. Next time, don’t forget to ask your doctor to check your LDL in more detail, which LDL and find out which one is higher.

Dr. Beverly Teter from the University of Maryland said that cholesterol in blood tissues and arteries are there to treat inflammation. When death occurs and a higher level of cholesterol is discovered and then blamed as the cause is a big mistake!”  Unfortunately many doctors don’t want to acknowledge this and learn this new information. What do you think happens when you purposely lower your cholesterol levels? People with high cholesterol live longer than those with a lower cholesterol level. Don’t worry about fatty or cholesterol rich foods. Stay away from trans fat and omega 6 foods such as pure vegetable oil. Take omega 3 which is good for your body. Replace margarine with butter. Reduce sugar and carbohydrates. Remember that from ancient times, heart disease increased when mankind entered the time of cultivation. More people began to eat sugar and carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and doughnuts with sugar, for example.

TRANS FATS and SUGAR have also been connected to autism. That could very well be why there are more people with autism in these times. EVERY MORNING YOU MAKE BREAKFAST FOR YOUR CHILDREN WHICH CONTAINS . . . 

Why, after all this time have the researchers been so wrong about cholesterol being the cause of all this trouble? Simple. They observed that there are firefighters in every fire, and made the assumption that they were the cause of it.


Look at you triglycerides and HDL levels. Make a comparison between those two.
For example if your triglyceride is 150 mg/dl and your HDL is 50mg/dl then the ratio between them is 150/50 or simply, 3.

If your triglyceride 100 and your HDL 50 so the ratio is 100/50 and the result is 2.
This is a better indication as to whether or not you are at risk of heart attack because of cholesterol.

A Harvard study for The American Heart Association said that if you have a high ratio your risk of heart attack is 16 times greater. 

So if your comparison ratio is 2 or 3 you are still safe, if the ratio is 4 or 5 you have to be careful.


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