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The Real Benefit of Protein


Many people are using a higher protein intake because they are afraid of losing muscle. The fact is you need all different kinds of calories in order to build muscle including fat.

Why do some tell you that it is easier to lose weight with more protein? It’s mainly because protein will make you feel full and help you to stop eating excessively.

Remember. The amount of protein you really need to build muscle is lower than what do you think, but you still need to get enough calories from your food, that’s the bottom line.

I can’t imagine how you enjoy life while you keep thinking about the amount of protein every time you eat . . . Hahahaha! Think about counting your calories while you eat. Counting calories is good thing, but it doesn’t have to be a requirement at all when you eat according to what you need in OCD.

OCD will not make you lose any muscle, but it will utilize more internal sources (amino acids) like enzymes and unused protein in fat.

Body builders will tell you to eat 300+ grams of protein a day and exercises 5X a week. Well, make sure you ask them what other drugs they use? Almost all body builders (not all of them) that I know have offered me steroids or pro-hormones.  Well of course they need lots of protein!

The point is either you eat 1, 2 or 3 portion of food in a short time period in the eating window I told you, or 6 small portion in one full day, Your body will not have any trouble finding the best way to build muscle. In the long term, the results will be the same as long as you keep the quantity of total protein constant every day.

But it’s all back to what I believe the various researches. If you want to spend a lot on protein milk, you have the right to waste your money if you want to.

How about me?

Honestly, I use Whey protein shakes; one glass a day as my food intake and for the purpose of building muscle. That’s it, no more than that, which is 30 grams of protein. I do this because sometimes it’s hard for me to find food in my daily life and a protein shake makes it easy to fulfill my minimum intake of daily protein.

In addition to protein, I also take 5-10 gram of Creatine before and after exercising. (Creatine is allowed during a fast) One of the supplements that are proven to increase strength and muscle mass in the long term is Creatine monohydrate. And, because Creatine is not metabolized for energy and will not increase insulin levels, taking Creatine during a fast is acceptable.

In the last month I haven’t used any protein shakes or Creatine and I haven’t experienced any muscle decline so long as I have eaten enough food. 

For convenience, women need 50 grams of protein and men need 80 grams to maintain and form their body. You can get it from the food you eat. Any more than that will not be useful.


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