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Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone

So what really builds your muscles? What is it that can make your body grow rapidly? What can make you taller if you are still under 20 years old?

Yes Human Growth Hormone.

What is that?

Human growth hormone is a hormone produced by your brain which CAN restore your body’s internal clock, help you to build muscle, get rid of fat, and increase your libido, while giving you tremendous energy and most amazing, it can MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER AGAIN!

Where does HGH come from?

The body naturally produces growth hormone in the pituitary gland and as the name suggests, it responsible for cell growth and regeneration. Increasing muscle mass and bone density isn’t possible without HGH, and consequently it plays a major role in maintaining the health of human tissue, including the brain and other vital organs.  When released, HGH remains active in the bloodstream for few minutes but enough for liverto turn it to growth factor. The most important is from the FORM OF INSULIN growth factor-1 or IGF-1, which offers some anabolic properties.

How can you get more HGH into the body?

There are many ways; here are a few of them:
  1. HGH is released while you sleep, so you can sleep for 8-10 hours a day (not possible with my life style), but even then the  HGH levels in your body will decrease soon after you reach the age of about 25 and not all people release the same amount of  HGH while they sleep.
  2. Incorporating artificial HGH (artificial HGH injected into your body, and there are many other supplements contain HGH. This isn’t good. Why? Because your stomach can’t digest HGH).
  3. Fasting….

The latest research confirms the effect of fasting on human growth hormone (HGH), protein metabolism. HGH works to protect muscle and metabolic balance, a response triggered and accelerated by fasting. During 18-24 hours fasting period, HGH increased an average 1300% in women and almost 2000% in men.


  1. Since the natural production of HGH slows down with age, many men will reach for those supplements that claim the ability to help enhance HGH production. Not all of these releasers are all that reliable. Some are good and some are not so good.
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  2. Yoga is an exercise variety that strengthens the mind-body connection. It gives you a better idea about your health and the signals that your body is trying to send your way. By being more conscious, it’s possible to improve physiological processes like getting an erection.
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  3. Chronic stress is one of the most powerful libido killers.

    Stress leads to the excessive production of cortisol. This hormone wreaks havoc on many bodily systems. It makes us feel lacking in energy, anxious and even depressed. If you don’t find an outlet, stress will kill your sex life.
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  4. Make sure that you get enough sleep and rest to help your body recuperate from your hardwork. dependent male extra review


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