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The Essence of OCD part2

The essence of OCD

Improved insulin sensitivity

The OCD fast will increase your insulin sensitivity. The latest research found that this effect will be increased if you combine it with exercise. 

At the end of the research, the subjects who fasted had a lower body weight (the only group that did not gain weight), had a better body glucose tolerance, and had increased insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, only with fasting did they significantly improve muscular adaptation to training.

Improved recovery from endurance training.

The subjects improved post-workout recovery, maintained body mass withoutfat, lowered fat mass, and maintained their performance.

Other studies demonstrated that fasting with endurance training may quickly re-activate the translation of muscle proteins derived from the fat of your body!

Improved Recovery from Weight Training

A study in 2009 found that subjects who lifted weights in a fasting state got “intramyocellular anabolic response.”(indicator) Muscle growth in a fasting state doubled compared with those who eat before workout! (In the same group). In other words, fasting helps post-workout muscle growth.

Fasting does not directly give you super power,but it can maintainperformance while enjoying the metabolic benefits, such as increasedrecovery, higher glycogen levels, better insulin sensitivity and enhanced muscle response to exercise.

The bottom line is that workouts in a fasting state will not kill you, will not eat your muscles, and may even increase the adaptationto exercise by forcing you to train in a state of “less optimal.”

Consider this. At the time of slavery in the United States, African people suffered from alack of food now have better genetics. How could their genes be bettercompared to us, since they wereslaves who ate less but worked harder?

Think about my words.


The success of your training, whether it’s lifting weights, walking, running, rowing, biking or climbing, doesn’t entirely depend on your physical state, amount of glycogen in your muscle and liver, your tissues mobility, the structural size of your muscle cells, or the distribution of fiber in your muscle cells. These are all the factors that help to determine how strong you are. 

Just as important is your mindset, your personal approach to fasting while training.
Suggestion: If you think you can not dothis or if youlimp, you'll limp. Have you ever heard stories of people getting chased by big dog and have no trouble jumping a high fence? It’s the same with this! It’s all in the MIND SET

I played a trick on my assistant. I felt bad about this, but it was so funny I couldn’t resist. I asked him to exercise on an empty stomach. He did and he had no strength to do the exercises. He was limp and weak and had a very tough time getting through it. The next day, while he was still in a state of fasting, I gave him a pill and told him that it was a new super supplement to increase blood sugar and energy to make him stronger. An hour later, while still operating on an empty stomach he felt strong and was able to do the exercise with no problems. 

 Want to know what was in the pill that I gave him? Tapioca! I just went into my kitchen, filled up a small capsule and gave it to him.

Do you see what happened? Placebo pill! Placebo supplement!

And he felt strong!


Believe it or not, it’s true. Please! Try OCD for one week and after that your strength for lifting weights will increase up to 75%. That’s what happened to me! Before I ate and during my fasting hour, my lifting strength increased rapidly!


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