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The Essence of OCD part1

The Essence of OCD

You can control the calories you take in by limiting your eating time, and control snacking. Without even realizing it you will limit the quantity of the calories that you take in every day. 

The shorter your eating window, the more control you have over your calorie intake. Remember, calorie control doesn’t mean crash dieting or suddenly cutting off all calories. OCD is done gradually. 

The added benefit is that with fasting, you increase the HGH levels in your body that will fix all, or many of the problems you are having with your body, including your ability to burn off your fat. 

So imagine combining calorie control with HGH! It’s a MAGIC DIET!


Sports and exercise should be done in the morning or at the time of fasting before you put the food in. When I say food, I mean anything you put in your mouth and then you eat, with the exception of things that have no calories at all.

Many have said that you shouldn’t exercise on empty stomach because your muscle will be consumed and you will not get stronger, or you will be sick, blah-blah-blah, yadda-yadda-yadda. Let me think about that for a second NO!

Here is what the research says:

One of the key benefits of exercise and fasting is they both increase insulin sensitivity, and insulin sensitivity is an independent predictor of future mortality. But they work in different complementary ways. Exercise for example, particularly short burst of HIT (High intensity training) depletes the glycogen stores in the muscles, while Intermittent Fasting (IF) depletes the glycogen stores in the liver.

The point is that if while in a state of fasting you exercise by lifting weights then your HGH will be increased! Don’t worry about the muscle loss that other people talk about. Our bodies are smarter than that. It will take the reserves fat for your energy and it will burn your fat 4 times faster! It’s possible that you will experience muscle loss if the fat in your body is minimal like that of a body builder, or below 7% of your total body weight. What is your body fat percentage? The average is about 20%. At the time I wrote this my body fat percentage was somewhere between 9 and 12%. 

Here is the best part! Because your HGH increases while you are fasting simple weight lifting will make your body gain muscle much faster. 

“But Deddy, so many people have told me never to exercise on an empty stomach!”
Oh, is that so?

Why don’t you try swimming on a full stomach! You like cramps? . . . I didn’t think so! 

Take a look at the cats and dogs in the street who are forced to hunt in the road for their meals. They do it on an empty stomach and they eat only once a day if they are lucky. Compare them to pet cats and dogs that are fed 2 or three times a day at home. They quickly get fat and they die young. 

Exercise before eating is very good!

And there might be benefits in doing that.

A lot of literature on this subject out there, with most of them reporting on studies about Muslims during Ramadan. They get a mix of positive and negative results but mostly negative.

But Ramadan month is very different from this kind of fasting. In the holy Ramadan fasting we are limiting food and water intake during the day. And you can dehydrate when you push yourself to do exercise.

In this type of fasting you still can drink water, so you will not dehydrate at all.

Second, because the eating and drinking is limited to pre-dawn and late afternoon hours, often you are sleep deprived. While in this type of fasting you can sleep.

Therefore, if you have enough sleep and you drink enough water and then exercise, you are fast will be different!!


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