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Never Did Cardio !!!


(This is my way and my thinking. You don’t have to agree or argue with me because I’ve made up my mind and I’m not particularly concerned about it.)

A few days ago at the gym I saw an obese woman, her weight had to be more than 100 kilogram and she was running on the treadmill.

I asked myself how long will she be running on that?

If she pays attention to the machine which would tell her that she will start burning fat when her heart rate climbs over 122 bpm. I wondered just how long she would be able to sustain that.

Can Cardio (heart) exercise burn fat? Actually, yes, it CAN, but only when you are there on the machine, and when you are running. Over time your body will grow accustomed to it and start burning muscle too.

On the other hand, weight lifting will damage your muscles and damaged muscle requires energy to repair and build. Consequently, it will, while you are fasting, burn your fat 2 X 24 hours long! WOW!

Do you want to burn fat? Forget cardio!! Or if you really feel the need to do cardio, do it after your weight lifting.

The following will invite controversy. Please read.


This will surprise a lot of people on the fact in the formation of abdominal muscles…

Forget sports or sit up or all the things you believe in all this time that will shape your stomach…

They are all B.S.

Did you know that a lot of people at the gym who have 6 packs will lie to you if you ask them how they got that way?

Who doesn’t want to have nicely shaped stomach? Both men and women?

This is a dream of men of all ages and in the imagination of women about all the men. Yes it is, please, stop lying to yourself by saying you don’t.

Unfortunately this is the most difficult part of your body to form. You can build your arm muscles or your chest or any other part of your body with relative ease. But forming stomach muscle? Now that’s another story!

I was born with very bad genes. I have an endomorph body type. This means I was born fat. I will live fat, and I will die fat. I was very jealous of those who were born with what I felt were better genes. You know them, the slim waisted, broad shouldered, well formed mesomorphs. I was so jealous! I hated them!

No, I actually envied them.

Every time I exercised or went to the gym I saw younger people with nicer bodies, I started blaming my genes. I thought that maybe with aggressive exercises like sit ups or cardio mile on the treadmill that I would form my stomach muscles. I did sit ups, 100 repetitions a day. I got results from this, but not what I was looking for. I discovered a hard cold reality. SIT UP ONLY MAKE YOUR STOMACH LARGER! Imagine a balloon. Whatever you fill in a balloon whether water, air or anything, it will make the balloon become bigger and bigger. It’s the same with your stomach. If you fill it with muscle, it will get bigger.


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