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Stop Eating Breakfast Instead of Dinner


“So how about breakfast?” you ask.

Almost everybody teaches that you should not eat a late breakfast. They will tell you that breakfast is beneficial, that it gives you energy, that you need it for your activity, that it builds your metabolism, makes your muscles healthy, feeds your brain and helps you concentrate all day long and . . . BLAH-BLAH-BLAAAAAH . . . YADA-YADA-YADA.

What if this is all wrong?

And this is new research information about breakfast.

Breakfast is a meal consumed after we get out of bed and before we become active.

If you eat at 2PM and you got out of bed at 1PM, and not at 8AM, that’s a breakfast, right?

What is the meaning of the word “breakfast”? Break fast; not just eating in the morning.

The following is the research result:

Studies [citation and reference needed here, otherwise just say “Common sense demonstrates” instead of “Studies show”] show that people eat the same size meals at lunch and dinner regardless of how much they eat at breakfast. This means that whether or not people eat breakfast, the quantity of lunch and dinner will be the same. It doesn’t mean that if you eat breakfast you will reduce the amount of food at lunch and dinner like the nutrition experts say.

This challenges the controversial wisdom that says that if you skip breakfast, you will be very hungry and eat more food at lunch.

The quantity of your meals is not based on whether or not you have already eaten or not but instead it has to do with your personal habits. If you are already accustomed to eating like a pig, you will continue the same habit, regardless of whether or not you’ve had breakfast.

Have you ever seen a skinny person who didn’t have time to eat one meal, and then at the next meal eats like there’s no tomorrow? Seriously, I doubt you have. Have you have seen fat people eat this way? WELL!

Previously there was research done in October of 2012; a study performed at ImperialCollege London, comparing the brain scans and calorie intake of 21 peoplewho ate or skipped breakfast. Medical News Today summarized the findings: "Skipping breakfast increases hunger, the attraction of high food calorie and food intake at lunch."

What happened? Psychological bias, that’s what. Imagine you were in a research program that didn’t allow you to eat breakfast.At lunch they serve you a sumptuous meal, rich in calories. What will you do unconsciously without even thinking about it? Who can resist a free meal? You will eat as much as possible. After all, you are eating on someone else’s dime, and your brain is telling you to indulge as an act of revenge. It isn’t your stomach doing the talking! Remember, they are thinking that this is legitimate research, but without realizing it they expect it to demonstrate that you will overeat when you’ve had no breakfast.

Some claim that skipping breakfast will cause obesity. Ha-ha-ha! Obesity is not caused by breakfast, lunch or dinner! Watch how an obese person eats. It’s a matter of habit!

Another study recently explored the difference between engaging in exercise withfull or an empty stomach. At the end of January, the British Journal of Nutritionpublished a paper that suggests that exercise before breakfastburns 20 percent more body fat than the same exercise after breakfast.The study also determined that people who exercise before breakfast did not consume extra calories or experience increased appetiteduring the day.


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