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Monk's Secret Fasting


I will start with

OCD BREAKFAST (Break fasting)

Dinner is okay, but breakfast? NO! NO! NO!

Let’s toss out a really pernicious myth before we do anything else. Let’s talk about breakfast.

How many of you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal in a day? Have you heard that the advantage of breakfast is that it will give you energy and make you not want to eat more during lunch and thereby help to maintain your body?

If you search the internet you can find 1001 reasons why you should eat breakfast, and still not come to the end of it.

If you get this down, and listen to my words, everything will change.

Have you noticed that some little children don’t like to eat breakfast in the morning? Do you remember as a child, being upset because you were forced to eat breakfast? As time went on, you grew accustomed to it. Why is it that little children frequently don’t like to eat breakfast?Do you remember being upset when you were little and told to eat your breakfast?

Did you know that among children whoeat a big breakfast in the morning, 90%  of them are overweight? Do you remember being sleepy in class and even hungry at your first break at school after you’ve eaten breakfast???

Believe it or not, eating breakfast will make you hungry all day long. It will makeyou sleepy all day long. What is more, it will lower your fat burning capacity when compared to skipping dinner.

“But I stopped eating dinner and I keep losing weight!,” you scream.

Yes, yes. I know.

You lose weight not because of the dinner itself, but because you have reduced 1 part of your daily meals. It’s just that simple.

If you didn’teat dinner the intake of calories is not increased. Consequently, the myth that says eating dinnermakes you fat is wrong!

Dinner simply means that you are adding one more meal, hence the added calories. Calories cannot tell time. If your calorie intake is 2000, skipping dinner, lunch, or breakfast is exactly the same.

If you burn only 1500 calories during that same day it means you have an extra 500 calories for your body to store as fat. When you stopped eating dinner, you lost weight. OF COURSE! It’s because you reduced the amount of calorie intake. Get it?

Remember when you ate a lot and you became sleepy?

On the other hand, if you have dinner it’s good to sleep, because when you sleep, you are still burning calories.


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