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Breakfast New Facts

These are the NEW Facts!

Doctor Javier Gonzalez, a member of the research team, told ScienceDaily: "In order to lose body fat we need access our stored fat and use it for energy. If exercise is done after an overnight fast without breakfast we will increase the total amount of energy burned, and make the larger proportion comefrom the burning of our excess of stored energy in the form of fat.”

You may have heard a study that said people who eat breakfast, have a healthier, thinner body compared with those who did not eat breakfast. You may have also heard that avoiding breakfast will make you fat. This makes me laugh when I hear it especially when it comes from a well known nutritionist. Never in my life have I ever seen a fat person avoid breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is true there is research to support that people who eat breakfast are healthier than those who do not.  But these studies take samples of people who eat breakfast over the long term versus people who do not. This means that there is a serious bias in studies of this kind.

What do I mean by bias? Bias means that important factors are being ignored.People who are the subjects of the study are the ones whose regular lifestyle already includes breakfast and not breakfast skipping lifestyle. The bias is that the subjects who eat a regular breakfast tend to be those from a well educated, economically prosperous class who care more about their weight as opposed to those who are from a lower income class who work a lot of overtime and don’t have the time to think about or care about their weight. Right from the start, a different economical lifestyle places a random but important factor that is not accounted for in the study. The study is done on a voluntary basis and people with the same lifestyle participating in this kind of study are not taken into account.

Think about how many packaged breakfast product producers benefit from “research” that supports the sales of their products.

So to answer the premise that avoiding breakfast will make you overeat at lunch for me is funny because we are making a conscious decision and not by accident or by forgetting it. Secondly, even if it’s true that we eat more lunch and dinner, commonly the total calorie intake is still reduced. I personally have concluded that skipping breakfast is not harmful.

In conclusion, breakfast will rob you of the opportunity to burn off extra fat energy by starting your morning exercise after your overnight fast. Whereas dinner energy will burn off while you sleep and doesn’t create a problem.


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