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Never Did Sit Ups Again !!!

So I STOPPED and I NEVER DID SIT UPS AGAIN! Then and only then is when I built my 6 abs for the first time at age 37.

So how? You ask me.
  1. Forget stomach exercises like sit ups or cardio or the treadmill.

  2. Forget infomercial products such as massage belts or whatsoever they advertise that promises to make you slimmer. All they do is eliminate water. Your fat will not disappear with vibration. Come on! You’re smarter than that!

  3. Forget slimming pills, slimming tea or slimming cream and all the empty promises. (Most of them only make you sick). There are no magic pills! This is why all diet products have a small notification which says: must be accompanied with regular diet and exercise. Oh! Come on! Don’t you think that with regular diet and exercise you have no need for a pill?

  4. Forget about buying food with NO FAT or ZERO FAT or LOW FAT labels! The fact is we need it, and fat is not our enemy in food! The right kind of fat can actually make you slim!

So how can I get a well defined six pack?
  1. The theory is easy to understand. Everybody, both men and women have muscle in their stomach. Without it, you cannot sit, or stand up. Try to imagine having a stomach without muscle. Everybody has a six pack. The only thing you need to do is remove the fat that covers it. YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH SIT UPS! 1,000,000,000 sit ups a day will make your stomach larger!

  2. Stomach building starts with the mouth, not at the gym!
    There are no exercises that can give your stomach 6 packs. You can use exercise to tighten it if you already have six packs, but if not it will thicken the layers of fat covering it and it will make you look fatter! Do you want to do sit ups?WAIT UNTIL YOUR BODY FAT RATIO IS UNDER 15%.

  3. How many times do I have to do sit ups or do other stomach exercises? NO NEED! You already train your muscles every day by sitting down, standing up, and even walking. This is a kind of training you do every day without realizing it. So, forget about training your stomach muscles. You will only get cramps, or your stomach gets fatter. Wait until your body fat ratio is under at least 15%. That’s when you can do sit ups to thicken up your stomach muscle if you feel that it’s necessary. As for me, I can count the amount of sit ups I do in a year on my fingers.

    The only way to get six packs is to lower your BODY FAT! Yes! BODY! Not stomach fat! Lower it down to 12%. Don’t do it with CARDIO! Cardio means just that, cardio. Cardio means HEART, not fat elimination. Weight lifting will burn your fat in 2 X 24 hours even while you sleep. (Weight lifting VS cardio is another story altogether.) A lot of people think that weight lifting will make them become bigger. DO YOU THINK THAT IT’S EASY TO BECOME BIG and MUSCULAR? Yes, weight lifting will make you big (FAT) because after weight lifting you EAT A LOT! And a lot of women are afraid to have big muscles. WOMEN WILL NOT BECOME BIG BY WEIGHT LIFTING! They simply don’t have as much testosterone as men. The muscular woman you see on magazine covers is a result of steroid injections! You will not become big if you follow my OCD diet! Excuses like this are only to cover up for laziness!

  4. Food, yes, food and only food; the amount of calories that you take into your body is what matters. If you burn 1500 calories in a day, but eat 2000 calories (there are ways of counting this) even if it’s healthy, clean food or only an apple and a banana, YOU WILL STORE FAT EVERY DAY! If you eat fatty unhealthy food but the total amount is below the amount of calories you burn in a day, you will use up your fat reserves. Whether or not it’s clean food or fatty food it is no problem as long as you control the calories. (But, by following OCD, you can forget all of this because it will be enough.

  5. Stop taking pictures of your food and posting it in social media with PRIDE.
    Why do you do this? Do you want to show people that you are a piggy, or what? Now, on the other hand if they are hobby food pictures, that’s not a problem. But do us all a favor and list the calorie content along with it. Believe it or not, this will make you lose weight faster. There is research that says that people who put food photos up with the caloric content written below it have significant weight loss. WOW!


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