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My Ways : Eat, Pray & Love


How did I do that?

This is the sample program I did personally at the start of my program and made it a habit.
  • In the first week I implemented a 6 hour eating window (an 8 hour window was too easy for me)
  • In the second week I entered a 4 hour eating window. I failed on this occasionally, but the next day I went right back to the 4 hour window.
  • In the third week I entered 24 hour fasting pattern once a week and combined that with a 4 hour window.
  • From the fourth week until the present, I have been using a 24 hour fasting pattern twice a week with a 6 or 4 hour window.

Remember this is so very flexible!

Sometimes I only fasting once 24 hours fasting in a week with 6 hours eating window, sometimes twice with 4 hours eating window or 8 hours eating window etc.


Obviously without my having to explain it, you already know that the best pattern is a 4-hour window with with a 24 hour fast 2 or three times a week. This means I can use this combination for a maximum effect. Keep in mind, nobody’s perfect, but that’s okay.

Within 45 to 60 days of doing this I could feel a remarkable difference in my body. You can see it in my photographs.

I started all of this with an existing ulcer. As far as I can tell, it’s gone. I was breaking my fasts starting with the ulcer medication in the first week. Now, it’s gone even when I do a 24 hour fast. I discussed this earlier.


Let’s talk about what creates well developed muscles.
Is it supplements?
Is it exercise?
If not, what?
Let’s look first at supplements.

For starters, the only supplements that have been proven in research to be effective are those containingcreatine. Yesthat’s all and I will discuss that in detail later on. Whereas your body needs protein it’s not as much as you might think. There is literature out in the culture stating that the intake of protein will keep your body muscular. This is incorrect if it doesn’t include muscle exercise. The truth is that the food we eat on a regular basis contains enough protein for our bodies. It’s okay if you want to increase your protein intake with a supplement, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t waste your time thinking about protein or supplements unless you are into full bodybuilding and you are into the use of steroids.

Keep in mind that protein shakes and other supplements that contain protein also contain calories that can be stored as fat and increase your weight. How often do you see people at the gym whom you know have purchased ten different types of supplements but their body shape is much like a big box with legs?

The serious bodybuilder can use the supplements with success because they count their calories. They follow an intense tasteless diet of plain brown rice and boiled chicken breast along with their supplements. If that’s the lifestyle for you, you’re welcome to it. You can stop reading and follow that lifestyle.

Is that the lifestyle for me? NO, NO, and NO! I want to be free from that!


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