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Eating Window : Combined implementation

Combined implementation between your eating window and fasting 24 hours.

Your Eating window

In the first week you have to start with your window of eating 8 hours a day without breakfast. This will be easy for you.

In the second week, narrow your window down to 6 hours a day.

In third week and beyond your eating window will be 4 hours a day.

Remember you can stop at 8 hours a day for the rest of your life or at 6 hours if you want without having to go to 4 hours a day but if you do, the results will not be maximized.

You will need a longer time for slimming or building your body if you are stuck at 8 hours or 6 hours.

When I began fasting, I entered the 4 hours a day window in the second week.

You can do this for as long as you wish even for your whole life.

If you prefer, you can stay at the 8 hour window. That means you only skip breakfast. A child can do that.

If you start with the 4 hour a day window, that’s EXTRAORDINARY! Congratulations!
If you prefer, you can alternate. For example over the period of a week you can open windows to eat 8 hours on Saturday or Sunday and the rest only 4 hours.

And there are more alternatives you can take.

As long as you stick to the rules it works, just not as quickly. But if you can stay with the 4 hour window every day, this will produce extraordinary results in a short time.
24 Hour Fasting.

If you want to get better and faster results you can put aside one or two days out of the week for a 24 hour fast. I do this three days out of the week.

Don’t be afraid. This doesn’t mean you don’t eat at all. As I said, do you remember ever in your life saying, “wow, I just ate once today,”? You must have… and you can.

Suppose you ateat 4 PM then ate again the next day starting at 4 PM again and entered your eating window patterns as in the first example above.

Very easy.

Combine those two things and your body will shape up in a short time!

Your body will become a natural fat burning machine!


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