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Eating Window : Fasting 24 hours

Introducing  The Eating Window : Fasting 24 hours

This is the second type.
It sounds scary, right?

This means you only eat once a day. You can eat any time, whatever you want and however many as you want. Don’t eat blindly don’t eat breakfast, and while fasting you can drink non calorie liquids.
Assume you start eating on Wednesday (tentative day) at 3 PM, eat one substantial meal. That's it! You can drink whatever you want as long as it has no calories.
Only eat once on Wednesday till the next day on Thursday at 3 PM then you are into your eating window. For example you choose a 4 hour window so you can eat on Thursday from 3 PM till 7 PM.
That’s fasting 24 hours.
Do you remember that one time in your life when you ate only one meal?
The question that usually arises is: “Will that cause dizziness, headaches or other problems? NOT when you grow accustomed to it. Maybe in the very beginning when you are unfamiliar, but after 2 tries then the problems will disappear. Remember to take in enough calories when in your window so that you will not be dizzy.
If you eat 6 times, but you only eat crackers, you will be stressed out and dizzy.
If you eat once a day but 2 portions of lemak rice with enough calories for one day and you will get through the day without any problems.


Basically, women only need about 1200-1500 calories a day and men2000-2500 a day, soif you eat more than thatit will fatten you regardless of the kind of food, and eating less than that will make you slimmer.
For example fried rice has 750 calories. If you eat 2 portions it’s already enough to fill your day. So if you have enough calories you will not feel sick or dizzy when you eat only once a day.
What if you have ulcer? Talk to your doctor about it, but you can break your fast with your liquid ulcer treatment.
Remember that most of the time ulcers are caused by your own thoughts. If in your mind you are in agreement, it will be okay.


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