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7 Reasons Skipping breakfast

Here are 7 reasons why you do not need breakfast
Breakfast doesn’t increase your metabolism

Studies have demonstrated that fasting or not eating breakfast has no effect on metabolism. Eating consistently every 3 hours and including breakfast also has no measurable effect.

Breakfast will not help you maintain muscle mass.

Maintaining muscle mass has more to do with exercise than with your meals. You will not lose muscle if you don’t eat every 3 hours. You sleep for 6 to 8 hours every night and doesn’t cause muscle loss does it? Your muscles don’t need protein every 3 hours while they are resting.

Breakfast is managing your blood sugar.

The general idea is that breakfast increases your blood sugar and assists in helping to control your insulin levels. Insulin is the key to muscle growth but it is also involved with fat storage.

Fasting is more useful for reducing insulin levels and dramatically improving the cellular sensitivity for insulin. This is far more important.
Breakfast increases hunger.

Many people, including myself feel hungry during the day after eating breakfast.

It could be a benefit or a drawback, depending on whether you wantgain muscle weight or lose fat.

To add weight: If you're a skinny guy who fights foreating a lot, eating breakfast will make it easier to achieveyour calorie needs.

For fat loss: more frequent meals are of no benefit. The hunger we feel during the day is a state of mind that you experience whether or not you eat breakfast. Remember that if you don’t eat in the morning, you have fat that can be burned instead.

For me and a lot of people eating breakfast creates an addiction to food and makes you want to eat again. This means calories added that can easily cause you to have a surplus of calories that will be converted into fat.
Breakfast does not make you healthier

People who do not eat breakfast are typically the ones who don’t exercise and eat donuts on their way to work, eat junk food during the day and eat a big dinner in front of the TV.

These are people who don’t want to diet. They’re not eating breakfast, but they are trading it instead with a snacking habit, and this is clearly unhealthy. Those of us who are working to lose weight and improve our health don’t do this because we know which habits are good and which ones are not.

Breakfast is not beneficial to your health directly, but it does help to establish healthy eating habits. Studies [What studies? Citation needed here] claim thatbreakfast and health condition does not have a direct correlation.
Breakfast does not properly manage blood sugar.
Breakfast does not increase your metabolism.
Breakfast does not prevent muscle damage.
Breakfast can make you hungry in the rest of the day.
Breakfast can even disrupt concentration

Studies [what studies? Citation needed here] suggest fasting for 48 hours did not affect cognitive tests negatively.You do not need breakfast for your mental alertness.

Many people, especially students will skip breakfast because they know they will be more productive, concentrate better and be more motivated for the rest of the day. This is also my personal experience.
Breakfast certainly not natural

Our ancestors probably did not eat a big breakfast: Before they could eat they had to hunt it down first. For a hunter, a small lunch and a big dinner is more the natural norm.

Did you remember when you were little and you hated to eat breakfast? BUT YOUR PARENTS FORCED YOU? This is because breakfast is createdBY SOCIAL FACTORS NOT HUMAN INSTINCT!


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