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Wing Chun Stroke

Wing Chun Stroke and other theories of weight lifting

As a practitioner of Wing Chun and as an international instructor, I use this self-defense theory in weight training.

Most gymnasium members lift their weights with a pattern of repetition with a light load, such as 5 kilograms of weight with 20 repetitions. This is identical to a construction worker lifting sand with the same weight repeated many times until your body memorizes the pattern. Look at the body of a construction worker. Dry, dry porters. If that’s what you want, by all means, keep doing it.

I will let you slap my face three times as hard as you can, if you will let me punch you in the face only once but really hard. Want to do that?

Which one do you think is more painful? Which one will have the more severe impact?

The concept of muscle building is to “damage” our muscles and build them up again while resting. This is why I spend only 15 to 20 minutes at the gym, because I don’t need a long arduous, repetitious workout to make my muscle stronger. This could be contrary to the concept of a professional body builder, but then, I’m not a professional body builder.

How do I do it?

I start with the body builder’s concept. I divide my muscles into 2 main groups; big and small muscles. Big muscles include the chest, back, shoulders and legs. The small muscles are the arms; biceps and triceps.  

The procedure is that I train 1 big muscle and 1 small muscle a day, skip one day, (keep doing O7W) and continue by doing the other muscles the next day. 
  1. Chest and triceps
  2. OCD 7 minutes workout (I will explain this later)
  3. Back and biceps
  4. O7W
  5. Shoulder and triceps
  6. O7W
  7. Leg

This fits with 7 days a week.

And because it only takes less than 30 minutes then there is no excuse for not having the time. I will tell you to do your exercise before you have eaten, but if that’s not possible, you car still do it any time.

How to do the training?

You can google for the instructions on how to train muscles. You can ask an instructor at your local gym or contact us and talk to an OCD instructor, but the problem is knowing how much weight you should lift. You don’t want to emaciate your body like a porter.  

I just use 6 repetitions.

(6 times lifting multiple 3 times in one tool, one muscle use 3 tools or 3 different games)

For example:

Chest with the bench press 6X3 then butterfly press 6X3 and the last maybe upper chest 6X3.

Why only 6 times? That’s your question, yes because I only can do 6 times..I will look for a very heavy burden which I only can lift it most 6 times, sometimes only 4 times.  

Every 6 repetition I take 30 seconds rest then lift again to start the second 6 repetition and so on. Every time I change tool I only rest for 1 minutes… this will damage our muscle.

I always lift the heaviest weight that I can. If I find that I can lift it 8 more times then it’s too light. Is there more damage done with three hard slaps or if you punch only once? That’s the idea.

In this way I only spent a short time for my muscle development.


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