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O7W : What is ?

What is O7W or OCD 7 minutes workout?

This is not a new concept so the sport practitioners do not need to fuss about it and claim that I copied the old way, but is rarely used by people to train their bodies. It only takes 7 minutes of your time a day and you can do that over and over again when you have extra time on that day. So there is no reason to not do this if it takes only 7 minutes.

This training is commonly known as High intensive training.

O7W training is very useful to burn fat and build your muscles at the same time. Intensive exercise with fast repetition will actually boost your HGH level. Imagine how doing this will boost your HGH levels if this is done while you are fasting.

In addition, this training is done without the need for tools, weights or equipment so you can do it anywhere.

The advantage of O7W is:
  1. To strengthen all parts of your muscle and promote HGH.
  2. No need for weights, tools or equipment, so you can to it anywhere.
  3. Burn off excess fat faster in a shorter period of time compared to spending time on your cardio machine or aerobic training.
  4. You can do it repeatedly again and again in the same day.
O7W can be a faster and efficient way to lose excess weight and our body fat. This type of resistance training makes a significant contribution to the amount of fat burned during exercise.

When we do this resistance training we use some big muscles with just a little rest between sets, it results in aerobic and metabolic benefits simultaneously.

Research into this has found that the metabolic benefit can be present up to 72 hours after the workout is completed!

Here is how:

Following is an example of O7W program. All exercises can be done with your own body weight and can be implemented anywhere; your home, your office, your hotel room or anywhere that is convenient to you.

 This exercise is performed for 30 seconds of movement with a 10 second transition time (break) between different styles of exercise. The total time for the whole exercise is about 7 minutes. The series can be repeated 2 to 3 times.


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