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FAQ : Skipping Breakfast???

Skipping Breakfast?

Those who disagree with me always attack my theory on the issue of breakfast. One media outlet claimed that skipping breakfast leads to heart disease. Let’s read again what issues really cause heart disease. They claim that by not eating a good breakfast will prompt us to eat too much at lunch time, and this will cause us to get fatter. I strongly take issue with this idea because that research is biased and doesn’t take into account other factors. There are valid studies that have concluded that eating or not eating breakfast has nothing to do with how much we eat at lunch time. So who are you going to believe? Greedy overeating is a mindset. If your goal is to eat blindly, with reckless abandon, what’s the point of dieting at all? If you have no dietary goals perhaps it does in fact increase your desire to eat more at lunch. My breakfast time now is 4:00 Pm and so far I am very fit and I don’t feel any hunger in my activity. It’s all in your mind. If you don’t want to over eat, you won’t and you can beat your appetite.


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