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FAQ : Is This Just a Trend?

Is This Just a Trend?

I have been asked repeatedly if this is merely a fad diet that will be popular for a short time but then quickly end.

This is an easy question to answer. For some, a diet is merely a temporary trend; just a fad for them to do until they grow tired of it and move on to find something else. For others, it becomes a permanent lifestyle. This is why that for me, it’s my way of life. As I write this it is already my daily lifestyle. There are times I have done OCD for the entire week with a 24 hour fast and I consider it good clean fun. OCD is much easier to adopt as a lifestyle than other diets which prohibit you from eating any tasty food; the kind that you love to eat. It is a human tendency to have a lust of the mouth that will cause you to break other kinds of diets and force you to start all over again. I’ve asked people again and again. “Would you rather eat a lot of bland and tasteless food, or would you rather eat anything you like in modest amounts in a limited time?” The overwhelming majority consistently chooses the second option. So my answer is that this will not be a fad or a trend. It will become a way of life.


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