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Facts!!! How Good Having : HDL

diet High-density lipoproteins
High-density lipoproteins (HDL)

Old information about HDL:

HDL is considered to be the healthy type of cholesterol which eliminates bad cholesterol or LDL. Most hoped that they could bring their HDL up to as high as possible. It was considered to be very good if it reached above 60mg/dl or more..

If you maintain your body weight, stay on a good diet, exercise regularly and etc. it was considered a factor in increasing the HDL levels in the body.

Now there are new studies with a better understanding of HDL. HDL has more influence on genetic tendencies compared to LDL. Research in 2011, at the National Institutes of Health has revealed that increased HDL will not help to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke at all. It is now known that HDL is divided into two types.

HDL-2 is large and soft, it floats and is good.

HDL-3 is small and hard and can cause blockage in your bloodstream.
So even HDL, which was considered a good type of cholesterol turned out to be not as good as previously thought.


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