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Right Kind of Fasting



Go without food for several hours will NOT slow down your metabolism! It will not cause havoc your blood sugar. Short term fasting will improve insulin sensitivity and this is a huge advantage. When your cells are sensitive to insulin, they do a better job working with your pancreas. Loss of insulin sensitivity creates a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and obesity as well!

Short Fasting also reduces oxidative stress and inflammation of the cells. It helps in the repair of DNA damage that can develop into cancer. In fact research shows that fasting slows down our aging clock. Fasting can help us live longer and help to keep our organs youthful.

This is from Wikipedia:

Extended fasting has been recommended as therapy for various conditions by health professionals of most cultures, throughout history, from ancient to modern.

Research suggests there are major health benefits to caloric restriction. Benefits include reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance, immune disorders and more generally, the slowing of the aging process, and the potential to increase maximum life span. Besides these health benefits, research by Valter Longo has also uncovered a potential link between fasting and improved efficacy of chemotherapy.


As you can see this is true from ancient times. But we never realize why, what or how to manipulate this fasting method to give us more of the results we need for our body.

Did you know that Plato and Aristotle said that to stop eating for short periods of time, i.e. fasting is a drug for any disease including cancer?

Human Trial(s)

In 2009 there was a case study that delivered some promising results. Ten cancer patients – four with breast cancer, two with prostate cancer, one each with ovarian, lung, uterine, and esophageal cancers – underwent fasting prior to and after chemotherapy treatment. Fasting times ranged from 48-140 hours prior to and 5-56 hours after; all were effective at reducing side effects of chemotherapy.

In the first case, a 51-year old woman with breast cancer did her first round of chemotherapy in a fasting state for 140 hours. Other than dry mouth, fatigue, and hiccups, she felt well enough to go to work andresume her normal daily activities. For the subsequent two rounds, she did not fast and instead ate hernormal diet, and the side effects were extremely pronounced – severe fatigue, diarrhea, weakness,abdominal pain, nausea – and they prevented her from returning to work. For her fourthround of chemotherapy,she fasted, and the side effects were again minimized. And it wasn’t just the subjective effects that improvedwith fasting, but also her physiological markers. Total white blood cell, absolute neutrophil counts, andplatelet counts were all highest after the fasting regimens.

The point is fasting is a good thing when done properly and right. Is it no wonder that almost all religions teach it?

The question is how does this OCD fast work, where you can still eat delicious food,eat at any hour you want and eat what you wantbut you are still fasting and can have your dream body?

This is the real secret of the monk's fasting; or better yet, any Fasting!

Sometimes an ancient message can be easily forgotten.

Then again how can you fast, where you can eat delicious food, eat what you want, at any time, anywhere?


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