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Scientific Fact About OCD

SCIENTIFIC FACT ABOUT Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet

Approximately 3-4 hours after we eat, we enter what is known as postabsorbtive condition, where insulin starts to drop.

This is where the energy used by the body starts to come into internal sources in body.

The liver is the major source of stored glycogen through glycogenolysis (remember, the main source is not from muscle, but fat unless they are involved in hard activity or once your fat levels fall below 7%).

Also with insulin falling (and a drop in blood sugar) comes an increase in lipolysis(the release of fat for use as energy) and gluconeogensis(converting the sources of non-carbohydrates such as glycerol and amino acidsto glucose).

The level of lipolytic hormones such as glucagon, HGH (growth hormone) and catecholamines would increase (alsothe body's sensitivity to them) which allows more fat to be released when doing OCD.

The longer people go without food (low state of insulin / lowered blood sugar), the more this process is increased.

A perfect example is when we go to bed and sleep without eating at night. Most of the time our heart works to supply blood to our brain (glucose hog) with the process of burning glycogen and fat.

This situation will continue to occur up to 3 days without eating and then if it is continued, it will, bit by bit, damage the body.But when it is limited to a maximum time of 48 hours then the benefitsyou'll get can be incredible.

In short, fasting for a short time (a state without food)can cause the body to burn fat much faster.

This short term fasting increaseslipolysis. (the process of releasing fat.) This is done by lowering insulin and increasing lipolytic hormones (such as glucagon, growth hormone and catecholamines).

Fat cells get a strong message to open their doors for burning.

Not everyone agrees with this ..why?


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