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FAQ : Its not Healthy???

Its not Healthy

Once again I have never said that eating dirty food will make you healthy. NO, I never said that at all. Some media outlets have said that because OCD encourages you to eat “dirty and gross food” it will cause you to pile up the diseases for later times. To me this is hilarious. What’s their definition of “dirty or gross food?” Is it Fried rice? Fried chicken? Lemak rice? Let me shed some light on it. What is obesity? Obesity is a form of disease. 75% of all heart disease is caused by obesity. How about if we take care of the problems one by one and do the most important ones first? My highest priority target is to remove obesity from our bodies. If our body shape is good, our fat is decreased. Consequently the likelihood of illness will also decrease. This is common sense and easy to understand is it not? Do you want to eat healthy food while you are doing OCD? Please do so. Good for you and I support that. I want for you to deal with the problems one by one, starting with your weight. When you have achieved your ideal weight, then you will appreciate your health a lot more. As far as my opinion goes, any food that you eat, as long as your body burns it off it will have no deleterious effect on you. After all, we don’t eat poison. Who says that eating fat is not healthy, who says that goat meat isn’t healthy? For sure many people have their own peculiar allergies, so if you have high blood pressure you know that goat meat is definitely unhealthy for you, if you have low blood pressure then you know that it’s good for you. So it’s not a FIXED formula for everyone. And another thing, who says that high cholesterol is unhealthy? I will talk about this later.


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