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FAQ : Bulking VS Sculpting???

Bulking VS Sculpting

Many asked me if OCD can be used for Bulking up; increasing muscle mass? The answer is YES, but with OCD, according to me you avoid the mistakes that a bodybuilder makes.They bulk up with heavy lifting and consuming 3-4000 calories a day with the hope that a bigger body means heavier lifting. They get bigger muscles and then later on they will diet like crazy to remove the fat that it creates. Yes, it works but remember that they are taking their life into their hands. With bulking your level of fat increases more rapidly compared to the increase of their muscle. There are a lot of wannabe bodybuilders who bulked up and stayed that way because they were too tired, or too lazy to do the necessary sculpting.

This is why I think that bulking up in OCD is superior. First, can OCD increase your body weight? Yes, it can. Don’t forget that the weight that you want to add is muscle, not fat. This is how you proceed: First, you measure the percentage of your body fat. There are plenty of tools around that can help you do this. You can find weight scales at the gym or at your local drug store that will measure your body fat ratio. The most well known system for this is called OMRON. Make sure your fat level is below 15%. remember the term “little fat man” and “little fat girl” where you think you are skinny but your body only contains fat and it’s a lot) so if your fat level is still 15% or above, it is better to not think about fattening your body.

Well, let’s see how to make your muscles bigger using OCD. The way is in is through your eating window, 4 hours or 6 hours, eat food with that has a higher calorie content than your burned calories, so if you burn calories (average 1500 for women and 2000 for men) then add more calories eg 500 calories a day (2000 for women or 3000 men) and add to it more weight lifting exercises. While you’re doing this, measure your fat percentage every week. If your fat ratio is above 15%, reduce the caloric intake! Maintain a 15% ratio in your body and it will be easy to reduce your fat level. If the fat level rises above 15% it will be more difficult. Don’t listen to the advice of a bodybuilder if you don’t want to become bodybuilder.

I’m not referring to all bodybuilders, because a lot of them are right in what they say and are good at giving advice. I really like Mr.Ade Rai. I think he is good at helping people and many of them are actually good. I hope that if there are any bodybuilders reading this, you could become a good adviser to us, non bodybuilders without making us offers for steroids or drugs.


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