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Facts!!! How Good Having : Surprise

High Cholesterol is ON YOUR OCD!

Blaming cholesterol for causing your heart disease is like blame the firefighters if your house burns down.

We need to talk about this.

At the time you are fasting, your cholesterol level will rise rapidly. Would that terrify you?

Research Cardiologist at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray, Utah, in one of their research by Dr. Benjamin D. Home said that LDL will rise about 14% and HDL about 6% when fasting. This is not a bad thing.

Fasting stresses our body from within and our body responds by releasing more cholesterol. You are using fat as your fuel and not sugars, and this is a good way to avoid diabetes. 

The article below is based on the summary and on research performed by Jonny Bowden PhD., C.N.S., Stephen Sinatra M.D., F.A.C.C and many other doctors who want to open our eyes to the truth about cholesterol and the lies about it.

This is my story:
In 2007, my dad was hospitalized. He told me it was because of an ulcer. On December 30th, two days after my birthday he was admitted to the hospital. On January 1st he died. The doctor’s diagnosis was that he’d died of HEART failure along with some complications.

Sadly, I had to accept it. When I asked him what had caused it, the doctor said that it was a result of high cholesterol and that it was inevitable that it would have happened eventually.
“How high doctor?” I asked…

“Hmmm,” he said. “It was above 200.”

He sounded like he wasn’t certain, and by the manner of his speech I wondered if he even remembered.

This brought panic to my heart and I feel stupid for being silent and not pressing him for the truth. Instead I was silent.

In my heart I still remember what I was thinking at the moment.

“What really happened?”

Most of his life my dad kept himself on a strict diet.

My dad exercised almost every morning.

My dad didn’t smoke and he didn’t drink alcohol.


From where? Is it really true that CHOLESTEROL killed him?

Ladies and gentlemen, in 2010 I went in and had my cholesterol levels checked and discovered that they had reached 500. Can you imagine how scared that made me? What do you think my doctor told me? He said that it was hereditary and I would have to take a drug called “L” for the rest of my life. So, for the rest of my life, I took “L”, that is until 2012.

That was when I began to experiment with my OCD theory and discovered that a human can change/alter their genetic factor. So I figure that if I can alter my genetic tendency  from obesity and go from 100 kilograms down to 73 kilograms with good muscle mass I can also alter my natural tendency towards high cholesterol. It should work that way, right?

I began a search for the real answers, and I kept on searching until I found a very surprising answer. This will surprise you too. This will open the eyes of most doctors and make them realize that they need to learn something all over again.

And, what truth is this?

Read carefully, this will come as a surprise.


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